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Trash to Treasure: The Earth Day Reveal

Join us for “Trash to Treasure: The Earth Day Reveal.” Bring multi-layered plastic (MLP) from home to divert it from landfills. Upon arrival, receive a collection bag with a QR code from ILS staff. We’ll share a brief, impactful 20-minute session on the importance of MLP recycling. The event concludes with prize giveaways for participants. Ensure MLPs are empty and clean. Let’s make sustainability our mission this Earth Day!


  • Bring MLP Waste From Home: Participants are asked to collect MLP waste from their homes—those plastic items with aluminum layers often deemed unrecyclable—and bring them to the event. Think chip bags, juice pouches, and similar items.
  • Check-in with ILS Staff: Upon arrival at the location, find our welcoming ILS team. You’ll be greeted and given a special collection bag for your MLP items. This bag not only serves as your contribution to a cleaner planet but also your entry ticket to potentially win exciting prizes.
  • Scan the QR Code: Each collection bag comes with a unique QR code. Please take a moment to scan this code. It’s a crucial step that ensures your contribution is counted and gives you access to the event’s interactive elements.
  • Engage in Educational Insights: Spend about 20 minutes with us to understand why collecting MLP is vital. We’ll delve into the importance of diverting these materials from landfills and how your participation today makes a difference.
  • Event Winners Announcement: Stay tuned as we conclude the event by picking and announcing the winners of the Earth Day prizes. Your effort and participation could be rewarded with some exciting eco-friendly prizes!

Special Notes:

  • Be Prepared: Please ensure MLP items are empty and reasonably clean to facilitate their processing.
  • Be On Time: The event is compact, designed to make a big impact in just 20 minutes, so punctuality ensures you experience the full program.
  • Eco-friendly Reminder: We encourage walking, cycling, or using public transport to attend the event, aligning with our theme of sustainability.

June 07, 2024

Canoe Landing CRC, 45 Fort York Blvd. Toronto, ON M5V 3Y2

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