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The Institute of Environmental Protection Research Association for Recycling Classification Collection in Canada, ILS, is a leading organization dedicated to advancing sustainable recycling practices

Our organization is dedicated to researching and implementing effective strategies to prevent recycled products from becoming waste, promoting economic benefits, and shaping positive societal perceptions.

We conduct extensive research, experiments, and events to evaluate and improve sorting and collection methods for recyclable materials, publishing our findings to educate and raise awareness among members and communities.

Sorting and collecting recyclable materials are crucial steps to prevent environmental pollution and ensure that recycled products are recognized as valuable resources rather than waste.

We believe a national recycling policy is essential for promoting consistency, ethical practices, and cooperation in the trade and commerce of recycled products, fostering environmental conservation and cost reduction efforts.

Individuals and businesses can contribute by adopting effective recycling practices, staying informed about our research findings, and supporting policies that promote the demand for recycled products.

We organize a variety of events, including research activities, seminars, and workshops, to verify the effectiveness of sorting and collection methods and to facilitate knowledge exchange among members and the public.

To become a member, submit an application expressing your commitment to our objectives. If accepted, you agree to abide by our by-laws, guiding principles, and policies.

We provide voluntary dispute resolution mechanisms for our members, promoting a fair and constructive environment for conflict resolution to ensure the common interests and welfare of all members.



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