Innovate Landfill Solution Canada


Mar 2024

YN toddlers MLP event

YN Toddlers

YN Church Kindergarten Event

EcoPrize has designated toddlers as the primary educational focus group for actively engaging in our recycling initiatives throughout 2030.

YN choir 2nd event

Hossana Choir #2

2nd Event (MLP)

Experiment will proceed with fewer announcements and a reduction in prizes to evaluate how these changes affect participant engagement levels.

Research Report

Sustainability Strategy

Enhancing recycling efforts in Toronto and expanding the reach of EcoPrize events to support the broader sustainability goals of the organization.

On Going Events

EcoPrize YN Church

Plans to launch EcoPrize services as an ongoing event based on the installation of Collection Hubs in the region.

Pilgrim Recycle Event

Collaboration with Pillgrim Church as an ongoing event, based on the installation of Collection Hubs.

Bridgeway Earth Day

Collaboration with Bridgeway Church as an ongoing event, based on the installation of Collection Hubs.

Feb 2024

EcoPrize Kick-off Event

EcoPrize Pilot #1

Beta test to evaluate the system’s performance under real-world conditions and to confirm that participants could comprehensively grasp the intended concept.

Hossana Choir MLP Collection

EcoPrize Pilot #2

The event will be conducted across various age groups to observe how the message is being transformed among different demographics.

Other Events


EcoRecycle Initiative

The EcoRecycle Initiative, scheduled for November 15, 2023, in Vancouver, Canada, is a pioneering project aimed at promoting sustainable recycling practices.

Toronto Skyline - Canada

GreenTech Recycle Drive

The GreenTech Recycle Drive, scheduled for March 22, 2023, in Toronto, Canada, is a collaborative project dedicated to advancing recycling technologies.

Bridge to Downtown Calgary

CleanUp & Recycle Day

CleanUp & Recycle Day, taking place on May 5, 2023, in Calgary, Canada, is a community-driven project focused on both environmental conservation