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ILS encourages individuals to actively participate in recycling and advocates for them to become "decomposers" of recyclable products. It emphasizes that recycling is not solely the responsibility of governments and institutions but should also involve consumers. The current recycling system is considered inefficient, and ILS is researching innovative methods to improve the sorting and collection of recyclables, aiming for higher purity and lower contamination at lower costs.

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ILS Canada

Was established in response to the Canadian government’s initiative to improve recycling classification and collection amid challenges in sorting recyclables and reducing contamination. The organization seeks to enhance global recycling practices through a universally recognizable classification system, akin to traffic signals, aiming for zero plastics waste by facilitating accurate sorting and minimizing consumer-level disposal issues.

Did you know?

In 2023, RecycleBC collected 3,941 tonnes of household plastic packaging, indicating that about 3.2% of households voluntarily participate in recycling efforts. This is a good start but the low participation rate highlights the need for increased engagement and education on the importance of recycling to improve environmental sustainability.

Did you know?

Canada’s plastic collection and recycling rates present major challenges for environmental sustainability. A 2019 study shows that only 9% of Canada’s waste is recycled, with a notable regional disparity: British Columbia achieves a 69% recycling rate, whereas Ontario’s rate dropped from 60.2% to 57.3% between 2018 and 2019. Additionally, from 2002 to 2018, the total solid waste generated in Canada reached 35.6 million tonnes, but only 9.8 million tonnes were recycled. This highlights the need for significant improvements in Canada’s recycling system and waste management strategies.

Our Initiatives

ILS signature event designed to research and educate on recycling classification participation rates and collection rates. It allows for the collection of various data and the observation of actual performance. Corporate participation enables the application to a wider group and region. – powered by “Datant inc”

Research materials specially studied for a specific purpose, with high participation rates and accurate data, are freely accessible to members. Also, it is possible to carry out research requests for special purposes related to recycling collection and classification.

Event support, sponsorship, participation in educational programs, research support, and various opportunities for corporate and individual participation are immediately issued as Eco-certification by ILS, allowing for the recording and proof of the environmental contribution of participating members and reduction in environmental tax.

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